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Posted on : 22-Dec-2017

Everyone eagerly looks forward to going on a vacation. The excitement of a thrilling and enjoyable vacation increases, if it is with the family. People normally take a vacation with the family and sometimes two or three families join to form a vacation group.

Selection of a vacation destination is very important. Where do you want to go this time?, what do you want to do during the vacation, swim, surf, ride, play golf, ski, climb or simply spend time reading and taking long walks. Well there are those expensive shopping vacations too.

The next important aspect of vacation planning is to select and book the hotel, resort or a vacation home for the family or the group. Even selection can be easy with a democratic or dictatorial approach, but now comes the real pain. To book your accommodation. Yes, you can pick up the phone and call up the hotel to book. Believe me; booking hotel on phone in a vacation destination could not only be annoying but also expensive and frustrating. Giving the Hotel agent you dates of arrival and departure, flight details, airport pick up, "what"?, "Can you repeat again sir", or "can you spell that for me sir". Now the time comes to give your names, the most difficult part. You start believing that you do not know how to spell your own last name. The agent on the other side heard it for the first time, your mistake.

Hey, but relax, there is an easy way. Not only easy but also recommended by hoteliers themselves. It is not only easy but also quicker and accurate. You guessed it right. Open your lap or desktop, find your target hotel and make an on line booking. You have many advantages of this.

You get a clear choice of accommodation available for the duration of your stay. You can discuss the choice available with your family for as long as you want without telling the agent, "hold on please, let me think". You also get the choice of different categories of rooms and their rates. Select what fits your budget. No one is watching you over the shoulder. The hotel gives you total information on its home page, so, you know what it looks like, where it is located, what facilities are available and so on.

A vacation seeker or a traveller has a very wide choice of booking accommodation on line. You can contact the hotel on line directly or you can select a booking engine for wider choice of available hotels in your target destination. The web is full of them. One can expect a good number of advantages by booking on line.

Your booking is confirmed as you get a confirmation number and a mail, you have already paid by your card. No hassles of accommodation not available when you arrive, you get what you have booked. All special requests like adjoining rooms, rooms on the same floor, or near by are, largely complied with. Good hotels normally send you a per-arrival mail with location map, how to reach tips, what clothes to carry and a help line number for any of your queries.

You sure want to have a perfect vacation, a vacation that you would remember for years to come and may be one day narrate this years experience to your grand children, when vacationing with them. On line booking is the best option for all those who are looking to have a memorable vacation.

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Ram Gupta is a professional hospitality consultant with over four decades of experience in Asia, Far East, Middle East and Europe. He has been associated with over two dozen hotel projects. His web site can be viewed athttp://www.bcgglobal.comand can be contacted at ramgupta@bcgglobal.com

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