About Us

Business Consulting Group Global (BCG Global) is a management and consulting firm providing a large range of services in the Hospitality and Food service industry, Real Estate, Product and E-Marketing. We focus on providing our expert advice using a result oriented approach to organizations that wish to create and maintain a distinct identity and excellent image with new and existing customers.


Our services vary from concept development ideas, project management, human resource development to providing assistance in communication and strategic business planning.  BCG Global will serve as an one stop shop for all your consulting and implementation requirements which in turn will help you build  a strong foothold in today's highly competitive hospitality industry.


BCG Global provides full management services to clients who:



We provide under a very reasonable contract, a customized range of management advisory services.  The quality of service that we provide to our clients is comparable to the best in the industry.


We provide advisory and consulting services to the owners, investor, their boards and the CEO’s and cover all segments of the industry - hotels, motels, resorts, spa hotels, convention hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs and entertainment centres.