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Travel insurance can pay for lost luggage and other valuables, as well as accidents or emergency medical bills. Always check what is and isn?t covered. 


Travel insurance can cover you for a range of problems when travelling abroad, from the catastrophic to the merely inconvenient. When you buy a holiday or a flight, you may well be offered travel insurance to go with it (or even find that it is automatically added unless you expressly ask for it to be removed and find alternative cover). f you travel without travel insurance, you run the risk of losing out if things go wrong. With about a third of recorded claims involving medical bills, this is by far the most common travel insurance claim. Other common claims are for lost or stolen baggage, cancellation of flights, lost or stolen money, and travel delay. Make sure you read the policy summary to see what is and isn?t covered by the policy ? there are bound to be some areas excluded from cover.


For example, some policies do not cover scheduled airline failures, civil unrest, terrorist attacks or widespread disruption to flights caused by closure of airspace or airports due to unexpected events such as the volcanic activity in Spring 2010. If you have a policy which doesn?t cover these risks, you may be able to take out separate insurance.